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The hottest topic in the financial world recently is bitcoin mining.  There are lots of people who think that bitcoin has a promising future as a widely-used currency. However, there are also many people who speculate that bitcoin is unstable and volatile.

As with all types of investments, it is important to take note that Bitcoin has the potential to go up or down. People who are speculating whether or not they should invest in bitcoin are often persuaded with the many pro and anti sentiments about bitcoin that exist on the internet. Although this may be the case, you cannot deny the fact that bitcoin is becoming very popular and it is evident with the fact that many online stores are now accepting bitcoin payments from clients.

What makes bitcoin an exciting investment?

If you are into stock market and equities, you already have the fundamental knowledge that the market can be quite profitable. This is great news for all long-term investors.  This is also true for trading bitcoins. The value of bitcoin, while susceptible to volatility in the short-term, has exhibited a general uptrend for it’s entire existence. For instance, the value of bitcoin as of 2011 was just a meager $20 but after two years, it rose to $130 and an all-time high of $260.

Another great reason why investing in bitcoins is great is that can be extremely lucrative. As mentioned earlier, you can make a lot of money from trading bitcoins within a short span of time provided that the market is good. Moreover, there are now a lot of bitcoin exchange platforms online that allow bitcoin owners to trade or convert their coins into different kinds of currencies.

Another great thing about bitcoins is that people from different parts of the world can participate in bitcoin investing. As long as you have  a computer that is connected to the internet and to the bitcoin network, you can start investing in them. Moreover, you can also mine  them even if  you are not physically present in front of your computer.

Bitcoins Are Highly In Demand

With the many positive media mentions about bitcoin, there is a high demand for them in the market today. This is the reason why the price of bitcoins is also shooting up at a steady pace. If you want to invest in bitcoins, it is important that you also support the network. Since bitcoin is still new, there are tons of fresh opportunities that are available to newbie investors before the entire network takes off. In fact, many of those who have already started in bitcoin investing have become millionaires already. If you start now, you can become just like Roger Ver and Charlie Shrem who have become bitcoin millionaires as recently reported in Bloomberg Business Week.

Is Bitcoin Really A Good Investment?

So is bitcoin a great investment? It depends on who you are and what your risk tolerance is – but it’s definitely something to watch closely. Although the future of bitcoins is still highly speculative the fact that there are so few bitcoins that are circulating across the internet, this should not discourage bitcoin miners in investing in bitcoin.  Currently, bitcoin is becoming a strong online currency and it will continue to do so as forecasted by economists.